Moscow Watchdog Temperament and Lifespan

Posted by Bara Winder on March 12, 2017

Dogs of this breed are smart and have superior quality of guard and security. Moscow Watchdog will always be assigned to guard the territory. Protection of the family is its main task. These dogs do not know fear and will never back down. If necessary, they will give their lives for the owner and his family.

Moscow Watchdog needs training, but not for the development of protective instincts, which are already well developed in it, and for training commands. If this dog breed won't be taught, it will not be easy to deal with it, because it is a very large dog. The lifespan of this Russian breed is about 9-11 years.

How Much Does a Moscow Watchdog Cost and Price Range

Have you decided to buy a Moscow Watchdog to protect your apartment? If yes, this choice will be the best among the watchdogs. This puppy will cost you about $300-$600. The price will vary depending on the place where you purchase it and the breeder who will sell it to you. The quality of the dog also plays an important role as the show quality dogs cost more expensive.

Moscow Watchdog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Moscow Watchdog is a massive dog with strong bones and muscle bulk. The body is slightly elongated, long legs and big height at the withers for males at least - 68 cm, females - 66 cm, but it is considered to be the preferred height for males 77-78 cm, females 72-73 cm, and the top border of growth is absent, high dog are valued more . Lack of solidity and lightness of build is considered a serious defect.

Weight of males is from 60 kilograms or more, females weigh about 45 kilograms.

The neck is solid and short, light kit available. The head is also massive with a broad forehead.

Moscow Watchdog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Dogs of this breed can get along well with other dogs. They are as patient and gentle with children, but because of the massive physique they are not suitable for keeping together with very young children.

Moscow Watchdogs need a lot of space, so they are not suitable for keeping in an apartment or a small house without a sufficiently large area in the yard. This breed of dogs feels good in cold climates, and copes with the security of large areas in a cold winter. It is the dominant breed of dogs, so it is best suited for people who know how to educate and socialize these animals.